The Benefits of CSR

The Benefits of CSR


In order to retain customers and investors and maintain their reputation, organisations are now using CSR to become more ethical, environmentally-conscious and respectful of other people and communities. Carefully implemented CSR policies can help your organisation do the following:

Win new business

Attract investment

Improve your business’s reputation both internationally and locally

Generate positive publicity and media opportunities due to media interest in ethical business activities

Develop and enhance relationships with customers, suppliers and investors

Save money on energy and operating costs

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Provide access to investment and funding opportunities.

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Corporate Social Responsibility should not be viewed as a drain on resources.
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The Small Business Need for CSR


CSR is becoming more important in relation to small businesses. When large corporations examine their social responsibility, they often assess their supply chain because, in order to be truly accountable, they need to understand the impacts that their suppliers have on their people, environment and communities.


It is therefore becoming increasingly important for small businesses to exhibit a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable business, particularly when trying to secure contracts.

Partnership with NGOs


We believe that partnering corporates with Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) is a good way to ensure sustainability of community/CSR projects in the long term.


Where active NGOs have expertise in dealing with local communities, they can provide useful support to the company, local government and community and can form a useful bridge in communication and action.


In partnering NGOs with companies, we intend to capitalise on the expertise and connections of the NGO while also providing a sustainable solution to a company’s CSR projects. A company working in a specific area has a vested interest in ensuring that they have a consistently positive relationship with their neighbouring community and, as such, will continue to manage and support the projects that it invests in long after the NGO has moved onto its next project.

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