Our Process

What Alteri Will Do For You

Whether you would like a CSR program to be set up from scratch, or if you just need your existing program to be fine-tuned, Alteri can help you. A successful CSR policy begins with an assessment of every aspect of your business and its operations. In this regard, we will evaluate your business carefully before making any recommendations in order to ensure that your CSR investment accurately reflects your business, your people, your environment and your industry. We will look at your organisation’s impacts on employees, suppliers, clients and communities. Our CSR services are highly individualised and we will never try to fit one organisation into another’s CSR policy.


Your Options

1. Creation of a fresh individualised CSR Profile for your business
This involves an audit to ascertain where the greatest need is in terms of CSR investment.

2. A CSR Re-Charge
A review and update of your existing CSR program, including recommendations and action planning.

Both options involve the following:

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1. Ascertaining what you want to achieve through your CSR program

This could be anything from philanthropic reasons and reputation based reasons to attracting international investment and adherence to local laws.

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2. Visiting your company and the surrounding community

We will assess what issues need to be addressed, what or where the largest need is, where the most significant benefit to the company will be and an introduction to community partners, organisations and initiatives to maximise your CSR impact.

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3. Performing a cost-benefit analysis for your company

How your investment into the community will ultimately benefit you in terms of your answer to process 1 i.e. philanthropic reasons, reputation based reasons, attracting international investment and adherence to local laws.

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4. Once a program is agreed upon, we will do the following:

Provide information on a start-up and maintenance budget and time frame, implement each phase of the project, meet with the local and traditional leadership, facilitate community involvement and setup and ensure sustainability of the project into the long term.

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5. Management of the project on the ground:

We will either train in-house employees on how to manage the projects and then leave the project up to you or employ an Alteri consultant on the ground to manage day-to-day functioning.