Our Background

Our Mission Statement:

To be a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa, fostering positive relationships between communities and corporations, encouraging sustainable development and providing clear benefits to the companies we represent.


Our Name:

Alteri is latin for “other people” or “somebody else” and forms the basis for the principle of altruism (or altrui in Latin) or selflessness.

We chose this name because we because we believe that its meaning represents the basis for the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, which involves corporations putting hard-earned profits towards the betterment of the environment and/or their neighbouring communities.


Our Logo, the Honeybee:

At least as far back as ancient Greece, bee colonies were thought of as a political community in nature, an ideal natural polity. Bees symbolised altruism and virtuous dedication to the collective good, wherein the bee is a symbol of civic virtue, as distinct from private interest.

We believe that the bee perfectly represents the principles encompassed within CSR ~ an altruistic dedication to the collective good as distinct from private interest.