About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe in sustainable, home grown CSR solutions that are mutually beneficial to the corporation and the environment and communities that surround them.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to invest hard-earned profits into CSR projects, however, at Alteri, we aim to ensure that all CSR projects and policies provide a direct and noticeable return on investment.

We believe in Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility which incorporates both ethical and altruistic CSR by performing activities that are advantageous to the community or environment, but at the same time providing profit to the company through goodwill.

Nicole Rautenbach

Our Founder

Nicole Rautenbach is the founder and Director of Alteri Consultants. With a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, as well as extensive private, voluntary and community experience, Nicole is an expert in her field.

Nicole practised as a lawyer in both Australia and Zimbabwe before she decided to pursue her passion in CSR and sustainable development and, as a result, has a significant network of contacts within the corporate and NGO sectors. She has a great sense of both community and commercial awareness which ensures that all of Alteri’s projects foster positive relationships between companies and communities, focus on sustainable development and demonstrate a visible return on investment.

Alexandra Mliswa

Executive Advisor

Alexandra Mliswa is an Executive Advisor at Alteri . Her experience in the workplace is diverse, having been exposed to a wide variety of responsibilities which have developed her ability to cope effectively as a strategist and problem solver using critical thinking and creativity. Alexandra has worked in the legal , corporate and NGO sectors . A lawyer by profession , Alexandra has experience in conflict management and resolution using both litigation and ADR backed by her LLB and MSc in Peace ,Leadership and Conflict Resolution . She has experience in crisis and conflict management, stakeholder engagement and community development in the mining sector as well as philanthropy from the NGO sector.

Driven by her passion for human and community development , she is very active in the CSR and sustainability spaces in Zimbabwe with a focus on the extractive industry . She contributes largely through practice as well as research by adding to the body of knowledge through articles , trainings and seminars . Alexandra’s hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her success and growing recognition in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole as a member of the Business Club Africa .

Our mission is to be a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa, fostering positive relationships between communities and corporations, encouraging sustainable, impactful development and providing clear benefits to the companies we represent.

African farmers in field Alteri Consultants

Our Logo, the Honeybee

At least as far back as ancient Greece, bee colonies were thought of as a political community in nature, an ideal natural polity. Bees symbolised altruism and virtuous dedication to the collective good, wherein the bee is a symbol of civic virtue, as distinct from private interest. We believe that the bee perfectly represents the principles encompassed within CSR: an altruistic dedication to the collective good as distinct from private interest.

African students using the internet Alteri Consultants

Our Name

Alteri is latin for “other people” or “somebody else” and forms the basis for the principle of altruism, or altrui in Latin, of selflessness. We chose this name because we believe that it represents the basis for the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, which involves corporations putting hard-earned profits towards the betterment of the environment and/or their neighbouring communities.